Dr. Marion Blank is the creator of the Reading Kingdom reading program and served as the director of the A Light on Literacy program at Columbia University in New York. She is a developmental psychologist with a specialization in language and learning who has spent over forty years studying how children learn language, in both its spoken and written forms. She has lectured extensively around the world, served as a consultant to government bureaus in many different countries, and authored scores of peer-reviewed articles and books.

Dr. Blank has developed a unique and comprehensive model for teaching reading that is based on six critical skills. Two are physical skills: the visual sequencing skills for reading the fine motor performance for writing and four are language skills: phonology, semantics, syntax and discourse. This model allows reading to be taught to a wide variety of children, including those for whom reading attainment is highly problematic such as non-verbal autistic children.

Her latest books The Reading Remedy and Spectacular Bond and her latest program, the Reading Kingdom, are designed to make her system easily available to parents so that they may prevent or overcome the reading failure that afflicts about 40% of the school population across the nation.